Sponsor a Hound


To allow our subscribers and friends to feel part of the Long Lake Hounds, we are offering the opportunity to SPONSOR A HOUND.
A “sponsorship” is a $300 donation which helps cover the vet and food expenses for one year. (Each hound costs an average of $800 per hound per year.)

To sponsor for 2020, Please look for your favorite hound below and email TheLongLakeHounds@gmail.com indicating your favorite.



The perks of this sponsorship include: The sponsoring parent will be thanked in the BABBLER and on a dedicated page of the website. Should your sponsored hound be bred during the year of your sponsorship, your name choices will be given first pick by adding your sponsorship monies to each syndicate. You will receive “walking rights” for any offspring of your hound. At yearly renewal time, all previous year’s sponsoring “parent” will receive first choice. Should your hound win at a hound show, you get to keep the ribbon!


Choose your Hound:

Click Here to Sponsor Bewitched

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Joe & Nancy Bizzano

Click Here to Sponsor Cleo

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Carmen & Steve Gardiner

Click Here to Sponsor Crimson

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Leah Cashman & Family

Click Here to Sponsor Gator

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Judy Williamssen

Click Here to Sponsor Gaucho

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Van de Ven Family

Click Here to Sponsor Geisha

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Linda Ledray

     Thank You Chantal Sorenson

Click Here to Sponsor Goblet

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Roxie & Steve Lerum

Click Here to Sponsor Gotham

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Ronda Reardon

Click Here to Sponsor Katie

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Stanchfield Family

Click Here to Sponsor Nelson

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Kati Johnston

     Thank You Heather Hunt

Click Here to Sponsor Piper

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Tad & Cindy Piper

Click Here to Sponsor Polly

2020 Sponsors:

     Thank You Bob & Polly McCrae

Click Here to Sponsor Prince

2019 Sponsors:

     Thank You Lieder Family