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2019 Long Lake Hounds Planning Calendar

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Sat. Feb 16 9:00 AM Pony Club D Retreat
Leatherdale, Saint Paul
Sun. May 5 4:00 PM Annual Meeting
Island View Golf Club, Waconia
Sat. Jun 1 9:00 AM

Fox Hunting Clinic
Kennels, Buffalo

May & June  Contact the huntsman Mounted Hound Walking Begins
Kennels, Buffalo
Sat. June 22, Rain data June 29 AM LLH Spring Hunter Pace
Berryhill, Watertown
Details - Click HERE

2019 Summer Season

The first priority of summer Hunting is hound training. Heavy spring rains and flooding may cause fixtures be unusable. We will need to resort to a good deal of roading and short lines to train our new young hounds to work together and to "pack up!"

Sat. July 6   Opening Day
Wed. July 10   Hunting Wednesday & Saturday Mornings
    Hound walking Breakfast, Kennels
Wed. July 10 - Wed. Aug. 21   Hunting Wednesday & Saturday Mornings
Sat. Aug 8:00 AM

Juniors Meet

Sat. Aug 17th 8:00 AM

Guests Meet

Sun. Aug. 18, Rain data Aug. 25 AM

Summer Hunter Pace
Independance MN
Details - Click HERE

2019 Formal Season    
Sat. Aug. 24 8:00 AM

Blessing of the Hounds / Formal Season
Berryhill, Watertown

Wed. Aug. 28 - Sat. Oct. 30   Hunting Wednesday & Saturday Mornings
Sun. Oct. 13, Rain data Oct. 20 AM

Fall Hunter Pace
Medina MN
Details - Click HERE

Thurs. Oct 17 9:00 AM

MEA weekend - Juniors Meet

Sat. Oct 19 9:00 AM

Guests Meet

Wed. Oct. 23 - Wed. Oct. 30   Hunting Wednesday & Saturday Mornings
Wed. Oct 30 AM Closing Meet

Sat. Nov TBD

TBD - Joint Hunt
Sat. Nov 9 PM

Hunt Ball

This schedule is subject to change. Please check with with one of the Jt MFH below to verify any of the dates above.

Revised (21 May 2019)


Please call the HOTLINE at (651) 321-3697 for updated information. The HOTLINE will be updated between 5:00 and 5:15 AM on hunting days.

We are very sensitive about landowner relations. In wet weather, be prepared to ride the roads thus allowing only staff to follow hounds. 

If you have any questions, please contact one of the jount masters:

Nancy Bizzano     Jt. MFH
(612) 859-1160

Jon Martinson     Jt. MFH
(763) 242-9477

FIXTURE DIRECTIONS may be obtained via e-mail request to a master. Electronic and printed version are available.


Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Fleishman

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