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Country Keeping

It is the policy of the Long Lake Hounds to require two country keeping work days (a day = 6 hours) from each riding member. For those who do not wish to work, a check for $100 per day ($200 total) is also acceptable, payable to the Long Lake Hounds.

Each season a record of all country keeping efforts is maintained. Those not fulfilling their responsibility will be billed accordingly.

The countryside is divided into thirteen areas. Each area has a designated Country Keeping Leader(s). You may choose one of two options:

1.) Choose a Country Keeping Leader and assign yourself to his/her Country. The Leader will schedule specific times to do the work.


2.) Contact one of the Masters to let them know your availability

Anyone unable to fulfill their country keeping duties may talk with one of the Master’s to arrange an alternative. Any questions, please see one of the Masters..

Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Fleishman

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