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2017 Board of Directors and Officers (Serve thru April 2018)

The business and policies of the Long Lake Hounds are conducted by a Board of Directors consisting of no fewer than 3 or more than 21 voting members. The officers are Chairman, Master (or Joint Masters) of Foxhounds, Secretary, Treasurer, and any other officers that the Board may wish to appoint.

2017 Board of Directors & Officers

Karl Lieder

Joint Masters
Jeanne Ahrenholz, Nancy Bizzano

Honorary Secretary
Cindy Piper

Honorary Treasurer
Lisa Foster

To serve until the Annual Meeting in 2017

To Serve until the Annual Meeting in 2018
Carmen Gardiner*

To serve until the Annual Meeting in 2019
Tory Timpe, Dena Stanchfield, Dr Linda LeDray, Linda Hipkiss (social rep)

Officers serving on a yearly basis
Karl Lieder, Jeanne Ahrenholz, Nancy Bizzano, Cindy Piper, Lisa Foster

* Board members serving their second term

Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Fleishman

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