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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I go foxhunting?
We welcome all to come and try Riding to Hounds. If you do not know a subscriber, you may call the Secretary or Jt. Masters for complete details and directions to the meet you are interested in attending.

2. What do I wear?
While there is a standard dress code (see Rider Attire), we understand that those who are new to the sport will not have the appropriate clothing. We ask that you turnout as you would for a show - dark jacket, tan or beige breeches, white shirt or turtleneck, gloves, ATSM approved helmet, and boots. It is not necessary for a new rider to purchase new clothing to try this sport. Over the first season capping with the club, a new rider will have ample time to acquire any pieces missing from their wardrobe.

3. How do I know which field to ride with?
We recommend those new to the sport begin riding with the Second Field, which moves at a moderate pace of predominantly trotting. There is also a hill-top field which proceeds at a quieter pace, missing action accordingly, but suitable for the uninitiated rider or horse.

After several hunts, you may be invited to ride with the First Field. Our Huntsman desires the First Field to stay close to the action and be up with the hounds, galloping and jumping as necessary.

4. How do I become a Subscriber?
Contact the Hunt Secretary or Jt. Masters to ask to attend a meet. They will give you all pertinent information and answer any initial questions you may have.

After capping a minimum of three times in one season, you may receive an invitation from the Master to become a Subscriber.

5. What happens to the fox?
The Long Lake Hounds is a drag hunt. This means that we do not pursue a live fox. Instead, the morning of each hunt, our “Fox” hacks through fields and woods laying the scent for the hounds to follow.

Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Fleishman

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