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Suitable Horse

The key to enjoying a fox hunt is the horse.
This chosen partner makes each hunt a special day. Good hunt horses are few and far between but with careful and consistant schooling, horses grow to love the freedom of going in the open spaces.

Few horses meet all the criteria but with years of experience, they learn.

The following are the criteria:

  • Will not kick other horses or hounds
  • Can be easily rated and kept at a safe distance from the horse ahead
  • Will stand quietly in a group of horses
  • Has athletic ability combines with willingness to listen to the rider
  • Is obedient in company
  • Is comfortable in woods and open fields
  • Will go off on its own without stress
  • Is generally more comfortable as a follower than a leader
  • Is surefooted to deal with uneven terrain
  • Is solidly schooled to gallop and jump over rocky or muddy terrain
  • May be any size or breed, ponies to big draft crosses.
  • Makes you smile when you walk in the barn each hunting day!


Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Fleishman

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