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Hunting Timeline Information

Hound Exercising

Hound exercising begins on foot in May, Wednesdays and Saturdays typically at 7:30 a.m. Members are encouraged to participate in order to learn more about the hounds. Those wishing to introduce new horses to hounds are especially welcome and encouraged to come out, but must keep their horses well away from hounds. Helmets with a chin strap are required during hound exercising.

Do not bring your dogs to the kennels at any time.

Informal Season

The Informal season begins in July at on Wednesdays (7:30 a.m.) and Saturdays (8:00 a.m.). This part of the season is informal in nature, and it is essential to the Joint Masters and Huntsman as a period to train young hounds, re-educate old ones, and further educate whippers in. Members are welcome to ride along, but must keep well back and out of the way of hounds and staff.

Formal Season

The formal season begins near Labor Day, and continues until early November (weather permitting). The Hunt meets twice a week Wednesday and Saturday or more frequently. A list of meeting times, places and dates (fixture card) is e-mailed out monthly to members and is available in the Calender Here.

Junior Days

Each season meets are held for Junior riders. In order to qualify as a Junior, the rider must be 18 years of age or younger, or have not graduated from high school. Junior guests are welcome. Guests are expected to present the same Waiver of Responsibility letter which all other members must sign, in this case signed by either parent or legal guardian. Junior Hunt guests also must have a recommendation of proficiency from either their Pony Club District Commissioner, or from a qualified riding instructor. The Hunt rules for dress shall apply insofar as possible. See the calendar for dates.

Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Fleishman