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Guests of Members

Guests of members are welcome. LLH request they:

•Are competent riders, qualified to hunt
•Are suitably mounted

•Obtain prior approval from the Masters

•Sign the same Waiver of Responsibility letter signed by all Hunt members. In the case of Juniors, this letter must be signed by parent/legal guardian.
•Are willing to abide by the rules and etiquette of fox hunting.

When a guest arrives at the meet, he or she should be formally introduced to the Masters. Guests must be accompanied on horseback by their host. Sponsors or hosts are responsible for their guest presenting the proper capping fee to the Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, or Field Secretary of the Hunt at the meet.

The Masters, Board of Directors and Staff of the Long Lake Hounds are particularly concerned about the safety of the Hunting Field. Any rider may be requested to leave the field at any time by either the Masters or the Field Master if, in their opinion, the safety of the field is endangered.


Children of members are welcome in the field. However, parents are responsible for their safety and conduct. In the event neither parent is present, it is the responsibility of the parents to insure that the child rides with an adult. Children whose parents do not ride or whose parents are not members must have two adult sponsors as required for membership.



Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Fleishman

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