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Landowner Information

Foxhunting – a stunning reminder of old English prints; Hounds in full cry and horses moving across beautiful countryside.

To enjoy our sport, we need the generosity of landowners such as you. The Long Lake Hounds have respectfully used land for more than 50 years – in Medina, Independence, Wayzata, Maple Plain, Delano – Watertown area and now Mayer-Winstad.

We do not chase or kill animals. Ours is a “drag” hunt. Fox scent is squirted upon the ground – creating a trail for the hounds to follow. Our small pack is a disciplined one. They listen to the Huntsman’s horn and follow the direction of the lead horses. The members ride behind. Jumps are made in fence lines with gates for those choosing not to jump.

Our season begins mid July and ends in early November. Hounds go out on Wednesday and Saturday. Hunts are cancelled if the ground is wet or conditions otherwise unfavorable. Our main concern is the preservation of your land and safety of horse and rider.

Before every hunt landowners are called. You will know when we are coming. We use any given piece of land between 2 and 5 times during the season. We come through only with your permission and will spend no more than a very few minutes on your land. We invite you to come out and enjoy the sights. Bring your camera!

Trails, jumps and gates are maintained by members. We schedule work days and notify you when our membership will be “country keeping”. Routes are planned with the land owner. Our members will not be riding across your land except during scheduled hunts.

You are protected in several ways. The State of Minnesota Private Lands and Waters, Public Use law was passed to encourage land owners to share their property by stating that you cannot be found responsible for any accident due to recreational use of your land.

It has been our experience that our activities do not disrupt wild life. While deer might run a short distance from the horses and hounds, they return immediately to their familiar territory. Our pack has been bred and trained to ignore scents other than the one put down by the drag layers.

A copy of the law is available by calling one of the people listed below. Secondly, the Long Lake Hounds, one of 165 “recognized” hunts in the US and Canada is covered by an insurance policy issued through the Masters of Fox Hounds Association.

Our membership is hardworking and dedicated. Some live in town and others keep small farm operations caring for their own horses. All are interested in maintaining the outdoor sporting life both for themselves and others.

We hope you consider the request of the Long Lake Hounds and that our relationship becomes a long and friendly one. Please call any of the following with questions:

Jeanne Ahrenholz     Jt. MFH
(612) 599-7071

Nancy Bizzano     Jt. MFH
(612) 859-1160

Karl Lieder     Jt. MFH
(612) 859-0202


Photos Courtesy of Cynthia Fleishman